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“INFRAHEAT” шалны халаалт:

“INFRAHEAT” шалны халаалт /IH_65MZ/: Нүүрс  болон  бал чулууг ашиглан цахилгаан энергийг , инфра улаан туяаны дулааны энергид шилжүүлэн төөнөөх хэлбэрээр халаадаг.

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Heating placed sites

Heating placed sites


Автомат дулаан тохируулагч удирдлага /UHD170/:

Халаалтын температурыг хэрэглэгч өөрийн тав тухд нийцүүлэн 60 градус хүртэл тохируулах бөгөөд 12метр халаалт тутамд 1 дулаан тохируулагч дагалдан ирнэ.

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“INFRAHEAТ”шалны халаалтыг суурилуулахыг хүсвэл:

Та эхлээд техник нөхцөлөө тодорхойлуулан хэмжилт хийлгэнэ.

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Худалдан авах нөхцөл:

1.  Та төлбөрөө бэлнээр болон дансаар төлж болно.
2.  Хас банкны эко лизингийн үйлчилгээгээр худалдан авах боломжтой.
3.  Хэрвээ та 100% бэлнээр тооцоо хийх боломжгүй бол

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Heating placed sites


  1. Users should follow information and make better choices.
  1. The heating solutions in Mongolia, we make in Spring and Autumn season, many construction projects are running in this time. Any of heating with different quality makes effect of low heating. But in conditions of -30C°-40C°, heating has different temperature adjustments, not producing 100% of heating, requiring additional heating and creating needs of seeking for different system. So we need to make better choices suitable for your budget.
  2. To make engineering calculations after rooms divisions. Best calculations leads to the security work performance of heating in cold winter time.
  3. By good estimation of heating system, please consider the fact that family who uses electricity for heating can have better solutions for their budget.
  4. Flooring leveling for heating is base for the long term utilization, good for the expenses and efficiency for the heating capacity.
  5. From Work Experiences, people intend to make choices from the idea of depending on utilization cost. This is directly related to the heating capacity and capacity and leads to the
  6. requiring additional heating and creating needs of seeking for different system in winter time.
  7. In case if you made the “Infra heat” system solutions for your floor, you will be able not to look for additional heating and our product will cover 100% of all your needs.
  8. “Infra heat” floor heating produces heat by the room air flow from floor, making comfortable all rooms heating with adjustments for each room.


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