Underfloor heating / Infra Heat /

“Infra Heat”, healthy underfloor heating product, is 1m wide, has protection from water and moisture.   Heating foils are made of metal folio laminated in-between two double layered plastic coatings. 1 kvadratmeter heating can heat the area with 2.5 meter cubic  airspace and spends 200-250 vat electricity. It is possible to be installed as a main or extra heating in the building that need heating.

Advantages of our product specifics

  • “Infra heat” floor linoleum heating adjusted to the technical condition of harsh weather of Mongolia, produced by the special order of “Minjzand”Co.,LTD , reliable product, you can trust, do not worry in winter time.
  • “INFRA HEAT” heating has international standard ISO 9001, ISO 14001 quality and environment certificate. Approved by the professional organizations of Mongolia, users can adjust it for their own usage. This product will not affect the air humidity. Infra-ray heating is positive heating for the health and environment

Advantages of our company services

1.    “INFRA HEAT” heating is meeting the standard for electrical bill discount product, you will be able to be a part of this discount bills.
2.    “INFRA HEAT” heating floor heating insured by the risk management system of equipments, which give possibility of advantage 80% risk service from of fire, water, electricity risk management insurance
3.    “INFRA HEAT” heating, you can to receive by eco-credit service of Khas Bank.
4.    No freezing in winter even its shut, without any impact of air and wind, advantage of using it anytime, regular norm of working condition.
5.    Security service for 3 years, Reached its customers from industry -15 years, In Mongolia-12 years  and heating advantage quality, complex service with customer satisfaction by the professional team work.


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